Album Review: “Pacifist Aggressive” by Dwight Simmons

Here’s a review of Pacifist Aggressive. Thanks Jonathan!

pocket knives AND lint


The world is a magical place. For all the drawbacks that come along with the mammoth beast known as social media, for example, it does provide opportunities that were once virtually impossible, and that often introduces us to some of our favorite things–things that we may have otherwise never even discovered.

I’ve never met Dwight Simmons. I frankly have not really heard much about him to be able to report any worthy information to you. But at some point in time, (December, Facebook tells me) I did a search to find out if anybody on my friends list had any albums out that they needed help plugging. Dwight and I weren’t even Facebook friends yet, but he showed up on there somehow nonetheless, so I added him as a friend, and his album to an an expanding playlist I was putting together on Spotify.

If not for Facebook, I might…

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